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Why Records Management?

We work with business people every day struggling with the impact of out-of-control records in the workplace. Whether these records are electronic or paper, the consequences are the same.

The Environmental Protection Agency has a nice article explaining 10 business reasons why organizations need records management programs.

1. To Control the Creation and Growth of Records
2. To Reduce Operating Costs
3. To Improve Productivity and Efficiency
4. To Assimilate New Records Management Technologies
5. To Ensure Regulatory Compliance
6. To Minimize Litigation Risks
7. To Safeguard Vital Information
8. To Support Better Management Decision Making
9. To Preserve the Corporate Memory
10. To Foster Professionalism in Running the Business

And even though this article focuses more on paper records, it is applicable to electronic records as well, and is extremely timely.

If you are assigned the responsibility of coming up with records solutions for your organization, please feel free to contact us.

We have gone down this road many times, and a bit of planning and a bit of work will result in dramatic improvements in the office.

You may read the EPA article here:  Why Records Management? Ten Business Reasons

David D. Reagler



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