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The advantages of scheduled shredding

There's more to shredding than meets the eye

A scheduled shredding program provides a predictable and accountable solution to document destruction and disposition of daily working papers.

“Have someone shred that” is the extent of far too many organizational shredding programs. And while any shredding is better than no shredding in today’s litigious, over-regulated business climate, a professional, scheduled shredding program offers a level of protection and accountability that few organizations are equipped or staffed to handle in-house. Think of it as “handing off my problems to someone else.”

Those problems are not remembering to shred, piles of sensitive documents gathering dust and mold in forgotten corners, closets or perhaps even a self-storage facility — none of which bode well for information security and regulatory compliance.

But wait, there’s more. Think about the daily flow of memos, invoices, mail, printed emails and other normal paper traffic that may contain details of your operations (or your customers) that eventually wind up in a dumpster. Dumpsters are smorgasbords for information and identity thieves. Simply put, forget the waste basket and put those information laden scraps in one of our shredding consoles.

So a scheduled shredding program helps you know what records to keep, for how long, and what to destroy when — and keeps your daily business operations away from sticky fingers and prying eyes. Now, we’ll make it easy, check out our FREE SHREDDING OFFER at the bottom of this page.

Arkansas Records Management Shredding Truck

Our shred document pick up service provides clear cut chain-of-custody handling. We also provide on-site shredding.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Analyze your records and regulations and develop a records retention program
  • We monitor and notify you when records are due for destruction and take care of the destruction
  • Provide secure destruction of daily waste documents
  • Set up a secure off-site records storage, access and disposal procedure if necessary or desirable
  • Provide a clear-cut chain-of-custody records and certificates of destruction that will meet regulatory compliance and stand up in court.
  • We also provide secure hard drive and media destruction

You get:

  • Peace of mind
  • Increased usable space
  • Provide secure destruction of daily waste documents
  • Saved employee time and effort in searching through files, piles and boxes
  • HIPAA compliant destruction
  • A higher level of document security
The Arkansas Records Management paper shredder

Our state-or-the-art shredder cuts and tears paper for maximum secure destruction. All of the output from our shredder is baled and immediately shipped to a paper mill that manufactures toilet paper.

Free Shredding Coupon

Click on the coupon to download. Bring it to Arkansas Records Management for 100 pound of free paper shredding.

Give us a call at 501-525-5752 and let’s have a no-obligation talk about your specific requirements. Even better download our coupon for 100 pounds of free paper. Bring the coupon and your 100 pounds of paper and we’ll let you watch it shred. Call today or download and visit.


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