Specialty Item Secure Storage

Our specialty item secure storage facility is your answer to “what am I going to with this?”

stored-medical-equipment at Arkansas Records Management

Store seasonal equipment, excess inventory, and other business articles in our specialty item secure storage facility. Retrieve as you need it.

Every business has unique storage requirements. In addition to traditional records storage, you may need storage for the specialty items of your business.  Specialty items can range from hospital beds to mechanical equipment to supplemental office furniture.

Avoid buying additional space

Purchasing or leasing additional warehouse for storing these items may not make the most economical sense for your business. Arkansas Records Management’s specialty item secure storage services allow you to securely and affordably store and manage your specialty business items.

High security and immediate availability

Our secure offsite storage facility ensures that your specialty items are protected and available at a moment’s notice. We utilize state of the art security systems and procedures that provide around the clock surveillance and recording combined with controlled and monitored access.

Review your equipment and order retrieval on-line

In conjunction with our facilities, we utilize an inventory tracking system that allows for quick retrieval of your specialty items when you need them. A convenient and secure web portal allows you to manage your specialty item inventory and schedule requests and deliveries. Requests and retrievals are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Secure standard or expedited delivery

Requested items are placed on one of our alarmed and GPS tracked vehicles and delivered to you by an Arkansas Records Management professional courier. We offer both standard and expedited delivery service based on the time sensitivity of your request. No matter which method you choose, we maintain a strict chain of custody throughout the transfer and delivery process.

To find out more about our specialty item secure storage services, please call us at 501-525-5272 or fill in the form on this page.


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