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Safe, secure, medical pathology storage

Pathology block boxes

You have immediate access to your pathology items in our secure environmentally controlled facility

Hospitals and other healthcare entities containing research laboratories have special specifications for protecting and preserving pathology samples. Slides and blocks containing samples need to be kept in optimal environmental conditions to foster long-term preservation without sacrificing accessibility at a moment’s notice. Transfer of these valuable assets to a storage facility requires a level of security that alleviates the risk of samples being compromised.

Medical Pathology storage asset review, management, and retrieval order online

Arkansas Records Management provides medical pathology services that guarantee your pathology blocks and slides are stored and managed with the highest level of security and protection. Our storage facilities feature strictly controlled and regulated environmental conditions teamed with state of the art security systems. Once samples are transferred to our facility, they are tracked with an inventory control system that allows you to review, manage and retrieve your offsite assets through a secure web portal.

Standard or expedited pathology sample delivery

Requested samples are delivered to you in either a standard or expedited delivery process. Our vehicles are equipped with temperature controls that maintain the optimal environment for your slides and blocks. The overall delivery process is conducted with a strict chain of custody and security measures to protect your pathology assets.

Arkansas Records Management provides medical pathology storage for practices, clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities in Hot Springs, Little Rock, Benton, Arkadelphia, Pine Bluff and any other Arkansas location

To find out more about Arkansas Records Management’s medical pathology storage services, please call us at 501-525-5272 or fill in the form on this page.


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