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Disaster Response and Document Restoration

Our disaster response and document restoration team reacts quickly

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When you call, our disaster response and document restoration services team gets in high gear.

Disaster can strike at a moment without warning. When it does, our disaster response and document restoration services provide you with a resource that enables you react quickly and efficiently. After a fire or flood, time is of essence too avoid mold growth. Wet document restoration needs to start as soon as possible.

Fast action

Arkansas Records Management’s disaster response team is equipped to take action immediately after a disaster. We securely transport damaged documents and files to our document restoration facility where they are immediately transferred to our document restoration chambers.

Secure document restoration to original condition

This timely process inhibits mold growth and restores your files to their original condition. Throughout the process we maintain a strict chain of custody in a secure environment so the privacy and confidentiality of your business records is maintained.

A word of caution regarding wet documents

When documents become wet, it’s only a matter of time before mold growth starts. Not only can this compromise your valuable information but it can quickly become a health hazard for you and your employees. As a result, the document restoration process needs to begin immediately after water damage from flood or fire.

Service all over Arkansas

Arkansas Records Management provides disaster recovery and document restoration for Hot Springs, Little Rock, Benton, Arkadelphia, Pine Bluff and many other Arkansas cities.

As records and information management specialists, we understand the importance of protecting and preserving your business documents. For more information about our disaster response and document restoration services, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.

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About Our Team

Arkansas Records Management is a professional service company based in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We serve organizations throughout the state including Little Rock. Our staff eats, sleeps, and breathes files, indexed fields, retention schedules, audit trails, scanning, and shredding.

As records become more and more complex, and the task of properly managing your firm's documents become overwhelming tasks, we have the solutions to solve those those issues and free up your staff and resources to do more of what you do best.

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