Collection Containers

Our shredding collection containers are the best way to collect documents to be destroyed

recycling consoles and tote

Our shredding collection containers are the first step in secure disposal of your confidential documents. Our most popular models (from left): The 27″ tall  console, perfect for under a desk; the 36″ tall Executive console, and the 95 gallon “Tote.”

Are your confidential documents winding up in a wastebasket for anyone to see?

Even though your office might be equipped with shredding machines, they may not be used as often as you think. All too often, in an effort to save time, confidential documents are simply tossed in a wastebasket, exposing your business to a world of risk. Arkansas Records Management’s shredding collection containers offer a secure, convenient and time saving method for the destruction of your business documents.

Eliminate the “lazy toss”

Our shredding collection containers eliminate the “lazy toss” of documents into a wastebasket and securely protect the confidentiality of your business information. We offer our shred collection containers in various sizes to meet the needs of your business. These lockable containers are placed conveniently in accessible office areas where confidential documents can easily be collected. After paper is placed in a container it cannot be retrieved, providing a secure repository for your business information.

We pick up your documents for destruction or provide on-site shredding

Once your shred collection containers are filled, one of our trained professionals will collect the contents and either shred your documents onsite with our mobile shredding truck or transport them to our plant based shredding facility. After your documents have been destroyed, you are provided with a Certificate of Destruction.

We collect or shred on your schedule

The frequency of service and number of shred containers is based on your specific business needs. Arkansas Records Management will help you determine a program that best enhances your document destruction program. We can also do a one time file purge for you.

NAID certified Hard drive and media destruction

We also provide scheduled or as-needed NAID AAA certified hard drive and other electronic storage media destruction, on or off site.Call to find out more.

To find out more about our shred collection containers, please call us at 501.588.8566 or fill in the form on this page.


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