Upcoming ARMA seminar:ARMA logo Essential Elements of a Records and Information Management Program

Arkansas Records Management
156 Stanage Drive
Hot Springs AR 71901

Thursday, November 7, 2019 • 8 AM to 4 PM

Business owners, managers, professionals and non-profit managers who want to avoid litigation costs and increase their service and productivity have the opportunity to learn about all of the above at an upcoming one-day records and information management seminar in Hot Springs. This professional development seminar is sponsored by the Arkansas Chapter of ARMA, the Association of Records Managers and Administrators, a national not-for-profit trade organization.

Seminar facilitators:

D’anderia Dunham, CRM, RIM Manager, Murphy Oil Corporation
Amy Ellis, CRM, RIM Manager, Noble Energy

Executive Summary:

This is a practical, useful program to educate attendees on the fundamentals of Records and Information Management, and how these fundamental principles can benefit their organizations.

The presentation also provides a roadmap on how to navigate the path from belonging to an organization without a record and information program, to organizing and creating a working, useful RIM program.

Seminar schedule

Morning Sessions (includes a short break between sessions)

  1. Building blocks of a Records and Information Management program from A to Z. Session addresses key concepts, definitions, and roll these building blocks play in building and using a Records and Information Management program.
  2. The Essential Elements of a RIM Program. Session addresses practical elements needed to create a RIM program that will be successfully implemented and utilized over time. Elements addressed, include policies, procedures, retention schedules, digital footprint, building out file rooms, and other pieces. The session will discuss how, in the real world, these elements are successfully implemented, and impediments that lessen odds of success.


Afternoon Sessions (includes a short break between sessions)

  1. Creating a Project Plan. Session provides practical, hands-on experience with creating a project plan, utilizing Gantt chart and other tools. Attendees will work together to create an outline, and an action plan needed to build the program.
  2. Vendor Score Card. Session addresses Request for Proposal (RFP) for software for records management. Review the RFP and score the “vendors” response, and attributes of records management software.
  3. Essentials of a Records Retention Schedule. Session addresses essential elements of of a records retention schedule: inventory, audit, legal research, and pros and cons of using professional services to assist.
  4. Questions and Answers – ask the Certified Records Manager

Registration fee: $100.00 per person
Hours of credit – 6.0

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