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Our records retention and destruction service takes the guesswork out of what records to save, what records to destroy, and when to destroy them.

Here are our records retention and destruction service in a nutshell; we can:

  • Set up a fully functional custom records retention and destruction system for you that specifies what to keep on hand, what to archive, and what and when to destroy, with secure physical or cloud off-site storage of non-daily-essential records with online or physical access 24/7/365
  • Destroy paper and electronic records on-time and provide you with a witnessed certificate of destruction

If that is all the information you need to give us a call for more details, punch in 501-525-5752 and let’s get the ball rolling. If it is inconvenient to call, use the contact for to the right and we will call you. If you need more information, keep reading and you’ll discover the details of what we provide.

How our records retention and destruction system works:

How long should I keep these records?

The big question in records retention and destruction is “how long should I keep it?” Unfortunately, there is no pat answer. Every business, practice, and organization will have different internal and external requirements past the requisites common to most operations. We can say, however, that once you no longer need, or are required to keep a record, you should destroy it. That said, we are back to the first question, “how long should I keep it.?”

Gatekeeper questions

As an entry point for a records retention and destruction policy, answering these gatekeeper questions can help you decide what to keep on hand, what to archive, how long to keep it, and when to destroy it:

  • Is the record necessary to conduct business?
  • Are there legal requirements to retain the record? If so, how long?
  • Is there a need to keep the record to substantiate financial matters such as audits or other accounting transactions, legal edicts, opinions, or court orders or compliance documentation?
  • Does the record document the history and culture of the organization?

When you are setting up a retention and destruction policy for your organization, generic retention schedules cover a lot of territories and are a good place to start. Download our free generic retention schedule to get an idea of what can be included.

Even when you can answer these questions, there are looming in-house issues and pitfalls such as:

  • Secure storage location
  • Adequate space
  • Organization for quick and easy access
  • Assignment of responsibility to maintain, update, archive, and schedule/implement secure record destruction with certification

If these assets and capabilities are part of your organization, we can develop a retention and destruction plan for you and train your staff on how to implement the plan. After the plan is in place, our staff remains ready to provide help when you need it.

If these assets and capabilities are not a part of your organization, you now know what you need to do, but not how or where to do it and who your organization will handle these tasks. Arkansas Records Management can answer these issues for you.

We can help

Since record retention and destruction is outside the job description and skill sets of most workforces in today’s business and professional environments, it makes good sense to outsource these jobs to people who specialize in efficiently developing, implementing and maintaining an effective records retention and destruction program. The benefits of this arrangement are:

  • Eliminates useless and duplicated record bloat
  • Releases storage space for organizational use
  • Staff can attend to their primary jobs
  • Quick and easy access to the records you may need to do business
  • Clear and concise audit and compliance trails
  • Protection from litigation
  • Expensed out service vs salaried staff

What we will do

Arkansas Records Management records professionals will analyze your records, make recommendations and create a records and retention plan to meet your specific requirements and provide services to implement the plan. Components of this plan are:

  • A records retention and destruction schedule
  • These options for non-daily-essential records storage:
  • Scheduled destruction including:
  • Notifying your organization that records are scheduled for destruction and your approval for destruction and:
  • Secure off-site physical or cloud storage or a combination of the two
  • On-line or physical record retrieval available 24/7/365

Your Arkansas records retention and certified destruction source

Arkansas Records Management provides records retention and certified destruction service for customers in Hot Springs, Little Rock, Benton, Arkadelphia, Pine Bluff, and any other Arkansas location.

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