NAID AAA Certified Mobile Secure Document Shredding

NAID AAA certified mobile secure document shredding at your place

Mobile certified shredding truck

Our state-of-the-art truck provides NAID certified mobile secure document shredding.

Arkansas Records Management’s NAID certified mobile secure document shredding service provides you with the ultimate secure document destruction on your premises.

Our equipment, personnel and operating procedures subscribe to and follow the secure destruction protocols required by the National Association for Information Destruction, the most rigorous in the nation.

How it works

We provide our mobile certified secure shredding services based on your needs: One-time “purge” service ASAP or: scheduled service. The choice is yours.

One-time purge

Typically, for a purge, our customers will gather all of the materials to be destroyed at a location that is convenient to our secure shredding truck. Our crews shred the materials and provide a certificate of secure destruction. Before purges we find it beneficial for our office to coordinate with the action people in your organization to work out details before the purge.

Scheduled service

For scheduled service, we visit your operation and make recommendations as to how many and what type of secure containers are required to store your documents between visits. When we agree on that, we deliver and distribute the containers. At the scheduled date and time, our operator drives our secure shredding truck to an agreed upon location or locations, sets up the truck for shredding, collects the contents of the containers and securely shreds those contents on the spot. We provide a certificate of secure destruction which satisfies current regulatory agency requirements. We maintain an archive of those destruction certificates.

We also provide NAID Certified off site shredding services

Our state-of-the-art shredder is housed in a secure, controlled-access facility and meets all of the rigorous NAID certification requirements

NAID certified hard drive destruction

We also provide NAID certified hard drive destruction at your location or in our secure facility at our Hot Springs, Arkansas premises

Find out more with absolutely, positively no obligation

We provide NAID certified mobile secure shredding  to any location in Arkansas or neighboring states. Find out more by filling out the form on this page (we really read them) or give us a call at 501.525.5752. We take care of the dirty work so you can do more of what you do.


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