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Leveling the playing field against data breach loss

Pirvacy and push pin

Protecting your privacy and your customers information from a data breach is a top priority

Leveling the playing field against data breach losses

When it comes to losing information, it’s not a matter of if, it’s matter of when. By and large data loss is not intentional and comes from instances such as lost phones, tablets and laptops; misplaced or improperly disposed of documents. In the information industry, losing information like this may be referred to as a “data breach.”

You against professional data thieves

Regardless of the cause or intent, the miscreants who are after your information when you do let it slip – for the most part, are experts at stealing information – after all, that’s their job. So for most businesses and organizations it’s a priority to level the playing field against professional data thieves.

What to do and where to start is the big question – and Arkansas Records Management has the answers.  The company recently partnered with CSR Professional Services, the nation’s leading provider of breach reporting, data-loss readiness and help after a breach. They specialize in leveling the playing field against data breach losses.

Being ready – before, during and after a breach


CRS Professional Services levels the playing filed

CSR Professional Services offers a two-pronged approach to handling data breaches: Data breach readiness which helps a subscriber harden their operations against data loss – and data breach reporting. Unbeknownst to most business people there are legal and regulatory requirements which kick in once a breach has occurred. It’s an alphabet soup of bureaus, agencies and offices which have statutory authority to demand these reports. CSR Professional services, facilitated by Arkansas Records Management, makes these reports and documents their actions to subscribers.

Big service, small price

“All of this sounds good, but cost prohibitive,” says David Reagler, president of Arkansas Records Management. “Nothing could be further from the truth,” Reagler said. “A business can subscribe to the full protection of CSR Professional Services for less than the cost one decent business lunch per month – and we’re happy to explain the process with absolutely no obligation.”


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