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The ins and out of cloud backup

Cloud backup is great

But read the fine print

I read an interesting online article at addressing pros and cons of cloud-based backup services.

Cloud backup

Cloud backup works well, but always read the fine print.

The article points out how important it is to back up your data since with home and small-businesses, the amount of critical, irreplaceable data to be backed up can be substantial.

Before you commit, the article also strongly suggests that completely familiarizing yourself with what a cloud backup service will and will not do is highly advisable. Call it due diligence for an important business decision.

Bradley stresses that having the backups located safely away from whatever disaster might wipe out your original data is of prime importance.  Don’t keep the backup in the desk drawer next to your computer – the disaster that gets your computer will likely destroy the backup as well.

For that reason and other considerations, offsite is extremely desirable.
The advantages of cloud backup are:

[list style=”circle”]

  • Offsite, isolated from local disasters
  • Replicated data centers
  • Accessible from the web


The author warns you to read the small print carefully before using a cloud service.  For instance, Carbonite has serious limits on how much data it will upload each day.  A professional photographer subscribed to Carbonite, but with her 2.5 Terabytes of data, after 6 months of subscribing to this service, all of her data hadn’t been backed up.

With the service the photographer was using, it would take up to two months to back up just 200 GB of data.

Data backup and protection is a cornerstone of  business continuity planning, and cloud backup deserves serious thought. Your business’ life depends on it.


David Reagler


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