Hard-Drive and Media Degaussing

Arkansas Records Management provides hard-drive and media deguassing services state-wide

Our hard-drive and media degaussing gives you confidence that your information has been destroyed by the most effective means known.

Degaussing means dead drives

Shredding is the coup de grâce

The surest way to high-confidence hard-drive and magnetic media destruction is hard-drive degaussing followed by shredding. Simple drive or media erasing leaves fertile fields of information for hackers and data thieves. Punching and shredding make a drive incapable of normal operation, but information remains on contorted drive plates, shredded drive fragments and other magnetic media remains.

Information remains

Though it is difficult to extract information from distorted drive plates, shred fragments, and magnetic media remains, it is not impossible. That said, it is not inconceivable that a skilled and determined data thief might be able to harvest information from punched or shredded drive fragments, or remnants of other physically destroyed magnetic media.

Degaussing ruins the drive or media

Degaussing is the closest thing we know of to a sure thing. Our powerful degaussers destroy drive boot files and subsequently make it impossible for the drive to read or write. The drive or media is ruined and completely useless for its designed job. Hard-drive and media degaussing followed by punching or shredding lowers the probability of information retrieval to virtually nothing.

Hard-drive and media degaussing services anywhere in Arkansas

Arkansas Records Management provides hard-drive and media degaussing in Hot Springs, Little Rock, Conway, Arkadelphia, Pine Bluff and any other location in Arkansas. Call us at 501-525-5752 or use the form to the top right on this page. We will provide information with absolutely no obligation on your part.


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