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Good record keeping can help companies succeed

I never dreamed the words “records” and “sexy” would show up in the same sentence.  However, records are sexy.  They’re hip and part of pop culture, as well as the lifeblood of every organization.

I watched a grand total of 15 minutes of the Trayvon Martin trial.  The 15 minutes I watched involved detailed testimony about the retention and shredding schedule for the human Resources department of the police station.  Apparently, George Zimmerman applied for a job there, and the employment application had been shredded.

You rarely watch an episode of CSI without someone toting a bunch of records cartons around, or the detective walking between rows of boxes of records on organized shelving.

Practically every crime story in the newspaper involves searching for records, lost records, or sinister, hidden records.

In our everyday work life, our businesses can benefit dramatically from solid records management practices.  We are able to know where every record is, whether physical or electronic.  We can quickly determine if it is a scanned record, an e-mail, its location, where it came from, who touched it and who changed it.

Records are all about tracking, searching, ordering, and delivering.

It’s not as sexy or exciting as a TV show but it can mean the difference between a business succeeding or failing.

When you’re ready to get a handle on your company files, please give us a holler.

David Reagler, President


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