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ECM: Electronic Content Management

January 29, 2014

ECM: The solution to overwhelming paper and rampant electronic files

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) helps people who overwhelmed by paper records and out-of-control-electronic files. In simplest terms, ECM is an efficient way of moving your paper and electronic documents into an organized electronic format and securely managing that data.

Before you can manage a file, you need to understand how it is generated, stored, and archived.  It is much more than scanning a piece of paper.  You must be able to find the scanned images at a later date. This is done through indexing. Indexing lets you name and customize search fields, allowing you to find the terms you have indexed.

Now instead of dredging through a file cabinet or reading long lists of electronic file names, you use the powerful search capabilities of an ECM system to search by fields. These fields can key on invoice numbers, vendor names, patient names, purchase order number, medical record numbers, events, service dates, products, or any other term that will help you better manage your information. You find what you want quickly and efficiently with a thoughtfully indexed ECM system.

There are many ECM systems on the market. As you shop for a solution, please consider:

  • Workflow
  •  Retention
  • E-Mail Management
  • Records Life Cycle
  • Retrieval

When you hear people discussing a “Paperless Office,” ECM systems are the tools that enable you to implement the process.

Please contact David Reagler with any questions about ECM systems or other records management solutions at  or 501-525-5752. Bookmark our contact page.

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