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David Reagler named Certified Records Manager

David Reagler, MBA, CRM

David Reagler, MBA, CRM, president of Arkansas Records Management

David Reagler, our company president, was recently named a Certified Records Manager by the Institute of Certified Records Managers of Albany NY. The institute is an international certifying organization of and for professional records and information managers.

The certification process requires a candidate to meet certain educational and records management work experience requirements prior to admission. A candidate’s application to enter the certification process is reviewed and must be approved by the institute’s Certification Standards Committee prior to being admitted to sit for the certification process. Candidates, once admitted, must successfully pass a six part examination before being considered for the Certified Records Management designation.

Six examinations before certification

ICRM Certification logo

Only certified records managers may display this logo.

The examinations are administered by an independent international testing service, Pearson VUE, headquartered in Bloomington MN. Pearson VUE has numerous offices in the United States and worldwide. The first five examinations separately test candidate’s knowledge of:  Management principles and the records and information program (RIM); Records and information creation and use; Records systems storage and retrieval; Records appraisal, retention, protection and disposition; and Records technology. Each of these examinations consists of multiple choice questions. Candidates must successfully pass the first five examinations prior to sitting for the sixth and final examination which consists of essay analysis of given records management case studies.

A long process

Once a candidate completes all six examinations, the Certification Standards Committee reviews the candidate’s test results prior to conferring the Certified Records Manager designation.  The entire process normally takes one to three years.

Reagler is one of only seven Certified Records Managers in Arkansas and one of only two who work in a records management company. The other five work in corporate records management departments.


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