Data breaches

Arkanas records management helps you mitigate data breaches

Arkansas Records Management provides CSR Breach Reporting Services.℠ Sign up and when you have a data breach or even suspect you have data breach, make one call and the CSR breach team starts to work on your behalf. Call us today and get the details — 501.525.5752.

The reality of data breaches

The reality of data breaches is that they are virtually impossible to prevent. Given that reality, the best strategy is to create a protocol of readiness that lessens potential financial damage, fines, and the possibility of litigation. Employees cause a minimum of 50% of breaches by losing laptops, smart phones, portable USBs, and files accidentally loading malware. And don’t forget sending information to the wrong person. CSR Breach Reporting Services℠ kicks in if you even suspect you may have had a data breach.

Check out this video for a data breach loss reporting walk through

The reality of responding to data breaches

When a data breach occurs and you lose information, you immediately become subject to a myriad of rules and regulations that stringently require timely reports, notifications and other actions. Failure to respond in a timely fashion can result in heavy fines, exposure to litigation and business interruption. Under these circumstances, the requirements of most government and industry specific rules and regultions, are daunting, confusing and inflexible.

The easy way to mitigate a data  breach

Our business partner, CSR Professional Services, is the nation’s leading provider of breach reporting, data-loss readiness and help after a breach. For just a few dollars a month, CSR provides analysis tools to help you spot vulnerabilities  After this analysis, the service creates a detailed report listing problem areas and tells you the steps to resolve the issues.

Immediate help after a breach resulting in data loss

If you experience a breach and lose data, one call activates the trustworthy and deeply experienced CSR Professional Services team to act on your behalf. They make your reports, send your notifications and provide information to lessen your damages. Best of all, these services are available for less than a business lunch for two per month.

Data breach planning and response

Given the inevitability of a data breach, the smart move is to be fully prepared, before, during, and after a data breach. CSR Professional Services, through Arkansas records management, helps you prepare for a data breach, works on your behalf during the data breach and helps you during the after breach remediation. CSR Breach Reporting Services℠ will cover the reporting and consumer notifications necessary in Arkansas, the United States and to any country in the world.

Learn more with no obligation

Learn more with absolutely, positively no obligation and no sales pressure — no kidding. Call us at 501-525-5752 or submit the form on this page – we really read them. If you have concerns about data breaches and data loss, you are going to like what you hear.

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