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Common Records Keeping Problems

We work every day with organizations throughout Arkansas, and even throughout our country.  There are several common problems that we address day after day.

1.    Decentralized control of records.  This exists in almost every organization of every size.  Human Resources takes care of human resource records.  The business department takes care of accounts payable and other invoice records.  Health Information Management takes care of patient records.  Costs are astronomical due to duplication, and lack of centralized training and planning.  By sharing information and experience with the other departments in your organizations, you can save a lot of money.

2.    Lack of preparation to address organization-wide risks and legal compliance.  Risks such as snowstorms, power outages, computer hacking, influenza epidemics, all can impact your organization.  Likewise, not meeting legal obligations of handing information can cost your organization many dollars.    And simple preparation and planning will diminish the risk significantly.

3.    Most organizations believe the way to fix  records problems involves spending lots of  money on expensive software and computer hardware and scanners.

4.    Most organizations keep  records entirely too long.

5.    Most organizations are afraid to do anything about their records for fear of doing it incorrectly.

However, your organization can attack most of your records problems without spending a penny.  More specifically, your organization will spend less money from day one and the savings will snowball.  Finally, the scary facets of electronic discovery, lawsuits, hurricanes, and such will diminish.

Don’t hesitate to call with any questions or problems.  My mobile number is 870-208-4495.


David Reagler President, Arkansas Records Management


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