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Scanning and saving is not enough

A false sense of security The all-to-popular office practice of scanning and saving a document to a hard drive without a system of tracking and retrieval is little more than the electronic version of boxing paper and stacking it in a closet. Even though once the scan and save is complete, one may feel satisfied…
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The ins and out of cloud backup

Cloud backup is great But read the fine print I read an interesting online article at addressing pros and cons of cloud-based backup services. The article points out how important it is to back up your data since with home and small-businesses, the amount of critical, irreplaceable data to be backed up can…
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ECM: Electronic Content Management

ECM: The solution to overwhelming paper and rampant electronic files Enterprise Content Management (ECM) helps people who overwhelmed by paper records and out-of-control-electronic files. In simplest terms, ECM is an efficient way of moving your paper and electronic documents into an organized electronic format and securely managing that data. Before you can manage a file,…
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Questions about offsite records storage

When we get questions about records management, I refer people to a newsletter from The University of Wisconsin – Madison.  Although it is ten years old, I believe it is still relevant and valuable.  I have paraphrased parts of this newsletter for your review: The time to make a move Despite the undeniable value of…
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Good record keeping can help companies succeed

I never dreamed the words “records” and “sexy” would show up in the same sentence.  However, records are sexy.  They’re hip and part of pop culture, as well as the lifeblood of every organization. I watched a grand total of 15 minutes of the Trayvon Martin trial.  The 15 minutes I watched involved detailed testimony…
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April ARMA Meeting

Our Central Arkansas ARMA chapter will be meeting April 30th. The meeting topic will be Emergency Management for Records Information Management Programs.  We will start the meeting at 11:30 at the Arkansas Electric Cooperatives Headquarters in Little Rock off of Scott Hamilton Drive. Our ARMA chapter meetings don’t require membership in ARMA and cost nothing.…
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Don’t Store Health Records In Self Storage Units!

If you are a Covered Entity or Business Associate under HIPAA/HITECH, you are responsible for your health records. In the American Heath Information Management Association (AHIMA)  newsletter from May 25, 2010, there is an extremely timely and pertinent article that every organization that works with personal health information should read:  Off-site Storage:  No More “Out…
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Common Records Keeping Problems

We work every day with organizations throughout Arkansas, and even throughout our country.  There are several common problems that we address day after day. 1.    Decentralized control of records.  This exists in almost every organization of every size.  Human Resources takes care of human resource records.  The business department takes care of accounts payable…
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Why Records Management?

We work with business people every day struggling with the impact of out-of-control records in the workplace. Whether these records are electronic or paper, the consequences are the same. The Environmental Protection Agency has a nice article explaining 10 business reasons why organizations need records management programs. 1. To Control the Creation and Growth of…
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Protecting your Data and Electronic Records.

The majority of our clients are small businesses with fewer than 50 employees. For many of these folks, backing up and accessing saved data is a frightening, on-going battle. With the amount of change in the world of information systems, we can all use some good advice. Just as important, we need advice that is…
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