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Are you an identity theft candidate?

Are you an identity theft candidate?If you have not asked yourself that question, perhaps you should reconsider since identity theft is a growth industry, the practitioners of which are always on the lookout for new and fertile fields. You included. A simple procedure is to consider the “ifs.”
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The “Ifs” of identity theft

  • If you don’t shred business mail, those pesky mail solicitations, extra copies, receipts and other data laden documents around your office, you are probably a good candidate for identity theft
  • If you don’t personally know and trust who cleans your office, you are probably a good candidate for identity theft
  • If you aren’t sure who might “dive your dumpster,” you are probably a good candidate for identity theft
  • If you do your own shredding with less than stringently-applied fanatic-level rules of shredding procedure, you are probably a good candidate for identity theft
  • If when the shredder goes south, you reroute waste paper to the dumpster, you are probably a good candidate for identity theft.

If any of these statements ring true, your risks are more than problems created by compromising your oen identity. If through your less-than-secure disposal of confidential information you facilitate theft of another person’s identity, you can be liable for their damages. But all is not lost. We have a really good solution.

The “LSODDI” solution

We strongly suggest the “LSODDI” solution: “LET SOME OTHER DUDES DO IT” We are those dudes.

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  • We shred everything, mail, file folders, boxes, books, maps, pictures, brochures, reports, and more. Our state-of-the-art doesn’t just shred, it tears and shreds.
  • We assume the risks and liability, meaning you have one less thing to bug you and rob you of sleep
  • We are eminently affordable – We can shred your stuff for less than you can at about a dime a pound – do the math and smile
  • Everything we shred is recycled. Everything we shred goes directly to a paper mill where it is turned into facial tissue or toilet paper. Considering that some of the documents you shred may be IRS forms, there may be some personal satisfaction in store for  you
  • No long-term commitment. It’s not necessary to sign a five-year commitment to a shredding firm. When you hire us, you’re the boss. You start when you want to. You stop when you want to.


Give us a call at 501.525.5272 for a down-to-earth, no nonsense conversation about how we can help you with your shredding issues.


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