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The Arkansas Records Story

David Reagler and Ken Baim started Arkansas Records Management to remedy the headaches caused by the huge quantities of paper records caused by their self-storage and rental equipment businesses.

Rental contracts, tenant reports, accounts payable invoices, applications, and various other records were created, yet, there was not a clear way to manage these records in a legally-compliant, affordable manner.

David and Ken went to trade shows and educational seminars and started on the never-ending records management journey.

It became crystal-clear that records management was a vital part of every business.

And it was also crystal-clear that education, training and experience in records management was in short supply.

Regardless of the medium, records are the history and lifeblood of every organization, yet professional training rarely addresses records. David earned a Masters in Business Administration, and was never taught anything about records. Ken’s law degree contained no classes on records management.

Thus Arkansas Records Management was created to empower their clients through improved  records storage, imaging, retention, and shredding.

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About Our Team

Arkansas Records Management is a professional service company based in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We serve organizations throughout the state including Little Rock. Our staff eats, sleeps, and breathes files, indexed fields, retention schedules, audit trails, scanning, and shredding.

As records become more and more complex, and the task of properly managing your firm's documents become overwhelming tasks, we have the solutions to solve those those issues and free up your staff and resources to do more of what you do best.

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