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The majority of our clients are small businesses with fewer than 50 employees. For many of these folks, backing up and accessing saved data is a frightening, on-going battle. With the amount of change in the world of information systems, we can all use some good advice. Just as important, we need advice that is appropriate for our budgets, expertise-level, and time constraints.

The U.S. Small Business Administration published a helpful article earlier this year.

In the article Caron Beasley writes that 48% of American small businesses have experienced some type of data loss. The top causes were hardware/software failure, accidental deletion, viruses and theft.

She brings up pertinent questions you and your organization need to ask and answer:

1.  Do you need to back up your entire system or just essential data?

2.  What are your vulnerabilities?

3.  How often should you back up?

She also lists practical options in the marketplace.

I, as a business owner, struggle with these questions every day. We at Arkansas Records have been tested in many ways and have extensive experience with backup processes and backup media, both ones that work well and many that work poorly.

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