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Downstream data coverage is critical

Your liability for customer, client or patient data security never goes away even if you hand that data off to a third party (such as us) for storage, scanning or destruction. According to recent court decisions, having collected that data, you still have exposure.

That exposure can be mitigated only if your storage or destruction supplier provides “downstream data coverage” which kicks in automatically the minute this data leaves your premises or control and goes under control of a storage or destruction provider.

Arkansas Records Management storage and destruction services include downstream data coverage for all information accepted for storage, scanning and/or destruction regardless of format or media — at no additional cost.

We are the only records storage and destruction organization in the state of Arkansas to provide “downstream data coverage.”


Records Management

Records servces carton retrievalInadequately maintaining records can prove to be a costly proposition for your business. The security and compliance risks associated with carelessly placing documents in boxes or file cabinets without regard to classification and retention are impossible to ignore. You need to be able to produce records in a timely manner to meet both regulatory and audit requirements. Read More

Document Scanning

Document scanning servicesManaging a paper trail of records can be a daunting task for your business. Documents need to be properly stored, managed and accessed in a timely manner in order to support business processes and meet regulatory requirements. Yet properly and efficiently converting files to a digital format requires time, expertise and equipment that most organizations simply don’t have.Read More


NAID certified Shredding

ShreddingIs your business swimming in paper? File cabinets full of old business records take up costly office space that can be used to generate revenue while business documents past their retention period may contain valuable information that can easily fall prey to identity theft or corporate espionage.Read More

Specialty Services

specialty storage linensMany businesses have extra inventory and supplies. You want to keep these pieces of equipment, sales brochures, hospital beds, washrags, marketing supplies and other items — but you don’t have room — and you can’t track these supplies at rented storage facilities.
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Data Storage

Class 125 Vault for Arkansas Records Management data storageSafeguarding, preserving and recovering data is the foundation for any business continuity and disaster recovery plan and a key piece of corporate due diligence. Similarly, protecting confidential business and client data from theft is an integral piece of corporate due diligence. Arkansas Records Management’s data services include a class 125 vault and enable our clients to preserve, protect and manage their backup media.Read More

About Us

About UsArkansas Records Management is a professional service company based in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We serve organizations throughout the state and our staff eats, sleeps, and breathes files, indexed fields, retention schedules, and audit trails. As records become more and more complex, the task of properly managing your firm’s documents is a key and often overwhelming task. Read More


Our president, David Reagler is a Certified Records Manager

David Reagler is one of only seven Certified Records Managers in the state of Arkansas. This designation means that David has completed an arduous certification process which ensures our customers that Arkansas Records Management adheres to the most demanding professional records management procedures in all aspects of what we do.

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Arkansas Records Management is a professional service company based in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We serve organizations throughout the state including Little Rock. Our staff eats, sleeps, and breathes files, indexed fields, retention schedules, audit trails, scanning, and shredding.

As records become more and more complex, and the task of properly managing your firm's documents become overwhelming tasks, we have the solutions to solve those those issues and free up your staff and resources to do more of what you do best.

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